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Each job is priced based on the labor and materials necessary to provide service to meet your needs for your specific request. We pay our staff fair living wages and screen our team to ensure you have the best cleaners and maintenance professionals tending to your property.  Our prices include labor, supplies, cleaning equipment, bonded-insurance, administration and operating overhead. 

Rates are subject to the needs of each job, special equipment requirements, customized cleaning solutions, and labor specialization varying from basic cleaning to handyman services.

Construction Cleaning

Work site cleaning is our pleasure!  We use HEPA filtration vaccuum cleaners and can tackle the dust and debris caused by construction work done on your property. Construction can be messy, and some times you will need to scrape up spackle or paint spots from floors, or scrub stains left behind from mortar or mud.  NMD 80 clean up can be tough, and  we can help!  

 We can do a site review and set up a cleaning plan that meets your needs that aligns with the phase of your construction process whether it is in the middle, or at the end, so that you have peace of mind, and a clean site!  We will wipe down sills and ledges, and get the nooks and crannies, and squeegee windows to sparkle.  

Dust can settle into air ducts and settle over the course of months after construction, and we can set you up on a scheduled follow up program to keep your property looking and feeling fresh and clean!  Contact us today to speak with an RVA Cleaner about how we can help!

Home Residential Cleaning

We offer multiple levels of cleaning services designed to serve best!

Routine Clean:  we offer regular cleaning maintenance of your home on a schedule that works best for you. Do you like a clean every week?  Every two weeks? Every month?  Every 6 months?  Whatever your preference, we are here to serve you! 

The more frequent your cleaning regimen, the lesser level of deep cleaning will be required per visit, resulting in a lower price per visit. Less frequent cleanings will have more build up to work through, and can be more involved, resulting in a greater amount of cleaning needed and will be priced accordingly.  

Special Clean / Deep Clean: Every house and every guest we serve is unique, and it is important for us to understand your needs and expectations are so that we can serve you best!  Contact us today to speak with an RVA Cleaner so that we can set up a cleaning plan customized for your home that is priced to meet your needs!


Running a holiday rental requires attention to detail and a customized service regimen that requires  cleaning, maintenance, and a hospitality management range of services.  We understand this, and can customize a price per cleaning that meets your budget and accomplishes your goals to be as hands off of your vacation rental property as you choose! Ask how we can also coordinate property maintenance services to keep your investment tip top!


Sometimes you just need an extra set of hands. If you have tasks that you need help with, give us an ask, we have care technicians who thrive on making your life easier. We would be happy to discuss your needs and find a care tech to help out!

Powerwashing / Exterior Cleaning

Exterior services vary in price based on the service you need! We use bio-degradable green wash so to keep your house and the environment clean and safe!

We offer:

Deck powerwash and stain packages 

House wash / siding wash service

Patio and concrete powerwashing